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Jimmy Lee
Principal at Create Possible
Love working with Carl - love his heart, his dedication, and also his ability to build partnerships among a number of different people


Bob Shank
Founder/CEO of The Master's Program | Mentoring Christian Leaders from Marketplace and Ministry
It has been a great honor for me to cultivate a collaborative relationship with Carl over the last few years. He is a deeply committed leader whose intensity and clarity have impressed me in his strategic oversight of the teams he leads. There are lots of people who go about their task with their heads down, committed to the details... but live without a grasp of the Big Picture. Carl is the exception: he's serious about the details, but only in relationship to their integral contribution to the pursuit of a meaningful outcome. He begins with vision, is serious about creating workable strategies... and then is willing to commit himself to leading the charge toward the intended outcome. And, his character matches his competence, so that there's no risk of ethical shortcuts or compromise as he forges ahead. I would count it a privilege to be pursuing an initiative with Carl as a key leader on the team.

Brett Schrock
Vice President - Strategic Partnerships at Living on the Edge
Carl is a seasoned C Suite Executive who has a unique ability to respond precisely and accurately to the needs of an organization with critical thought and strategic implementation. Carl brings the gift of a visionary blended with practical application in his working environment.

Fred Gladney
CEO - The Gladney Group
Carl is a fast paced, diligent, articulate executive -- driven by integrity and passion.

Reggie Littlejohn
President, Women's Rights Without Frontiers

Carl is a brilliant visionary with his feet on the ground. He is an excellent writer and speaker, as well as an intrepid traveller. His rare combination of faithfulness and practicality blesses all who work with him.

Ted Baehr
Chairman at Christian Film & Television Commission(tm)
Carl is one of the best leaders and communicators in the world of mission and ministry. He is astute and wise. I recommend Carl wholeheartedly.

Stan Jeter
Senior Producer at CBN News
Through Carl's leadership, the situation of persecution around the world became much more visible. He took bold initiatives, reached out to other organizations, and provided timely news resources we could use. Carl was a likable, articulate champion for the cause of the persecuted church.

Yitzchok Adlerstein
Sydney M Irmas Adjunct Chair, Jewish Law and Ethics at Loyola Law School

Dr Carl Moeller was a delight to work with when he ran Open Doors, a large human rights organization focusing on religious liberties and protecting persecuted Christians. He is bright, personable, and absolutely passionate about leaving a positive mark on the world. Remarkably, he possesses two skill sets that are often not found together. On the one hand, he is adept at running a large institution, and on the other, a master of forging and nurturing relationships with individuals – even those from different walks of life.

Jane Huckaby
VP of Programs at Open Doors
I worked with Carl during his nine exciting years at Open Doors. His innovative and visionary leadership style generated immediate and long-term successes in several areas, including start-ups in major donors and advocacy strategies. As a passionate and persuasive communicator for persecuted Christians Carl inspired new partnerships and championed their cause before the American public. His futuristic mindset, intolerance for the status quo and empowering management approach encouraged all of us to be in-house entrepreneurs.


Tom McCabe
Founder/CEO KMA Direct Communications, Inc.
Carl is a friend and colleague of many years. We first met when he became President and CEO of Open Doors/US. They were a client of ours. I learned quickly that Carl was an idea person, who was intense in his work style, very committed to his calling, and expected the same of those around him, including his fundraising agency, of which I was the CEO. We have had many conversations over the years about better ways to help involve more people in the support of meaningful ministries, and I have come to appreciate Carl's great interest in helping to grow not only his own organization, but others who have compelling ministries, with a vision for growth and people-impact. I consider Carl a very good friend and co-laborer in Kingdom work.

Ron Henry
President, The Sterling Group - Search and Human Capital Consulting
In our respective roles, we have worked together in several formal and informal settings in the workplace. Carl has the gift of communicating a vision with a sincere, passionate heart. With his gifts and experience, he is positioned to be used in signifcant ways to break down traditional barriers so that the new wineskin is created to effectively accomplish God's plans for us organizationally.less

Jeff Myers
President of Summit Ministries
Carl has been a great advocate of training young leaders through being on the Board of Reference for our non-profit.

Jim "Jaime" Edwards
Managing Director - VISTAinnova, Business and Capital Services, Economic Development and Angel Investor
Carl is a proven world class, global leader in Christian organizations. He is now applying that expertise to a global private equity initiative creating sustainable enterprises generating revenue and job creation advancing Christian values.

David Hegg
Principal at Writer for Hire
Carl is a creative thinker whose broad experience makes him an invaluable member of any team attempting to do great things for the Kingdom of God. He is both fun-loving and focused, and is one of the best evidences that nice guys often finish first, and well.

Myron Steeves
Dean of Trinity Law School
Carl is a great man of ideas and is generous with his time and help. He serves on the advisory board of Trinity Law School where we are able to experience and benefit from his great wisdom.

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